Native Apps

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We develop native Android apps using Java as a language and Android Studio as an IDE. Native apps would be a better choice if you need a high performance app, like game. In addition, it’s easier to reach hardware layer using native approach, therefore if your app needs some very specific functionality, native development will be the best choice.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are perfect for most projects. The supreme advantage is that iOS and Android version is developed at the same time. The performance is worse, compared to the native ones, but if the project is simple, then you would not notice. We use PhoneGap to develop hybrid apps and most of our apps projects was build in PhoneGap.


Almost every app needs a place to save the data. No matter if your app has sophisticated users and privileges structure, or it’s a simple survey app, the data needs to be stored somewhere. The connector between the app and server is a webservice which is responsible to send/receive the data and save in the database. Webservice can be written in many different backend languages, We prefer PHP for simple projects and Node.JS, if you need real-time communication.

Fish Tap Project

Fish Tap is out native Android game which we created for training purposes. The graphics is not exciting, since we don’t provide design, but we really liked the coding part. The purpose of the game is to collect all the fishes with the lowest amount of taps. The result (accuracy) is stored on the server.

Feedbacker Project

Feedbacker is a hybrid app which uses Kiosk mode. The app is installed on the tablets which are used by customers in phisical store. We managed to make the user be not able to escape the app, neither by using home button, back button, close nor keyboard. It was quite challenging because it’s not a native app. We’re proud of this app, because it clearly shows, that hybrid app, combined with native plugins, is something more than website wrapped into the app. The app also records short audio messages and sends it via API to the server. Webservice was a part of this job, including admin panel for easier management.

Usana Unidos Project

Usana Unidos was a simple hybrid app for MLM managers. The manager can login using his credentials and see the sales results of his team. Webservice was not a part of this job, so the only thing we had to do was to handle API and display the data.