Backend is the layer responsive for business logic of the application. This is the place where all calculations are done and data is stored. We can tell that frontend is for making things “looks”, backend for making things “works”.

PHP Language

The most popular backend language in web development is PHP. With great number of frameworks, CMSs and hosting places, it’s the best choice for small and medium size projects. Most websites are written in PHP – it’s used by 82.4% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know

Wordpress and other CMSs

The most popular free CMS written in PHP is WordPress. We dedicated seperate category for that CMS, because we did great number of projects with it. We also know Joomla, Magento and Prestashop.

Laravel and other frameworks

PHP has also frameworks, and Laravel is our favorite one. It’s a very fresh, modern framework, which becames more and more popular. It’s lightweight, easy to learn and yet very powerful. The most recent version includes full set of tools necessery to develop RESTful API backend. We have experience with many frameworks before, like CakePHP, Symfony, Kohana, Zend and we can tell that Laravel is becoming the ultimate PHP framework.


PHP is not the only backend language we know. Node.JS is an example of different approach. The most important feature of Node is real time communication via sockets, provided by Express.JS framework. The other great advantage is low resources usage. It’s a perfect fit for developing real time actions, like self-updating dashboard, chats and games.