How does the PSD 2 WordPress project is quoted.

Price is one of the most important factors of choosing a freelancer. It should be accurate and fair, but what does the fair price means ? Client should know the way you quote the project and what’s the logic hidden behind. Let me describe how I’m estimating the price.

Even if the project has a flat rate, I always estimate the time needed to complete the project and I multiply it by desired hour rate. It means that project is quoted by complexity, not “per page”. The 20 pages website can require less amount of work then a 4 pages website, if these 20 pages of first websites looks the same or are very similar.

At first, I take a look on all designs mockups and try to recognise the common elements. In most cases it’s header and footer for sure, so slicing 2 pages into HTML/CSS doesn’t require 2 times more time then slicing 1 page, because header and footer are the same. There might be more common elements like sidebar widgets, text layout etc.

The other part of PSD 2 WordPress is connecting front site with wp-admin and make the content editable. I use ACF plugin which creates custom fields and this increases the speed of development significantly, thanks to this I can offer lower prices and still high quality, because I use tested and verified tool, it’s a win-win situation.

Creating a field for a picture is not much complex than single text field, so the only question is how many custom fields the designs requires to make entire content editable. I always like to split the content into many fields, so my clients doesn’t need to know the HTML to manage even complex content type.

Please have a look at the following part of the website.

PSD 2 WordPress custom fields

To make this editable, I create repeater custom field, because we have 3 elements which contains the same types of content. Then that repeater field has 5 subfields, picture, title, text content, link url and link label. Thanks to this, editing it’s easy and it’s limited to just fill the fields with the content, no need to care about how the layout will be displayed, the theme I create takes care of it.

The final factor on the price are extra features required within the project. Integration of 3rd party APIs, visitor’s country recognition, contact forms, social media integration etc – all of them are quoted based on estimated workload.

I hope you liked the way I do this, in my opinion it’s a fair quoting, where client pays for the time spent which equals actual work to be done.