PSD 2 Wordpress

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Most of our clients delivers us designs in PSD or Sketch format, and this is where the journey begins. The design is sliced into responsive HTML/CSS, using Bootstrap as a CSS framework. The next step is to create a WordPress theme which uses prepared HTML. If the design does not includes all necessary pages, which every theme should have, we create them reusing the design elements from other pages. Ability of editing the content is the main feature of WordPress, therefore theme needs to provide such functionality. We use ACF plugin to create custom fields, this is the best way to manage the content because it’s easy to use and decreases the probability of mistake to minimum. We never liked content plugins like Visual Composer. There might be flexible, however it still requires some HTML knowledge.

Existing Website 2 Wordpress

Moving existing website to WordPress is a similar process to PSD 2 WordPress, but it’s faster because HTML is already done. Once the CSS/HTML/images files are copied and wrapped into WordPress theme, we create the custom fields system to make the content editable nicely and fast. In most cases moving existing website to WordPress includes moving the data, which we also provided. If we have an access to original’s website database, we write custom importer which saves this data into the WordPress. If we don’t have access to the database, we write data scraper, which get’s it like a Google Bot.

Custom Wordpress Plugin

We also develop custom plugins. You can find some examples on CodeCanyon. It’s quite difficult to get plugin approved by CodeCanyon, because it keeps high standards for all uploads. There is many reasons to develop a plugin. If you have many websites and you want to have some functionality installed on all of them, writing a custom plugin is the best way to integrate and maintain it. Thanks to WordPress build in features, like shortcodes or widgets, plugins are easy to install and can be placed almost everywhere, as long as your theme keeps the WordPress standards.

AppToolTester Project

One of our favorite projects we did was AppToolTester. Client delivered a fantastic design which we turned into fully functional website. The website has many bespoken features like comparison table, side by side comparison and App Maker review page, which has a lot of custom fields. It was a great project to do and we wish we had more like this.

WP Anti Hack File Monitor Project

WP Anti Hack File Monitor is our own plugin we sell on CodeCanyon. It monitors the website files and notifies when one of them is modified. Most of the malwares injects its code into the theme files, which is not visible for visitors. This plugin can detect it. It also creates copy of the files and notifies via email or sms (Twilio API)

Swiss Chalet Project

Swiss Chalet was another PSD 2 WordPress project. The website is multilingual and WPML plugin was very helpful. The website has clean, responsive design which is very popular nowadays.